Deep Practice: Anchoring Your Presence in Turbulent Times
Anchoring Presence in Turbulent Times - Christine Powers
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Note: You will need at least 31 minutes for this tool. Do not drive or walk during the first time you experience this meditation for your safety.


Ever feel like you can’t face the day? Or you wake up happy until you “remember” your life and our troubles in the world? Put on this “spiritual armor” (although it is much more expansive than that) and walk out into your day and the world with the strength, poise, and presence you are. You got this.


This deep practice is a mindfulness meditation that will lift your vibration, bring calm and peace, and amplify strength and steadfastness.


  • Anchor your presence to heaven and Earth

  • Clear and recharge your chakras

  • Be filled with Christ Consciousness

  • Expand into your fullest presence and walk courageously as this


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