Sometimes there are no words, but there is always music. 

“Christine is a beautiful, compassionate Earth Angel, with the most amazing voice, filled with love and healing which moves through your whole body like a gentle wave of peace and calm. Words can’t express what a gift she is.”
~Jenny Evans, Abruzzo, Italy


When a loved one is dying or seriously ill, or when we are in troubled times, there can be a lingering to try to hold onto what can no longer be. Sometimes there is a laboring to resolve discord without knowing how, suffering in not accepting what is, or blocks that prevent a pathway forward. 

Completion Lullabies can dissolve pain and discord, 
bring peace to the mind, and clear the way for an inspired journey forward. 

Completion Lullabies are gentle sound healing frequencies that coalesce into lullabies that surround each soul with love creating an opportunity for profound clearing.

Embodying the deep compassion of a Death Doula, Christine steps into the in-between world where the veil is thinned, where cords, threads, blockages, and images are stored... and weaves the possibility of a new story. 

Included is an additional intuitive message in audio and written formats to bring reflection, understanding, and peace.

How do I commission a Completion Lullaby?

In this time of COVID-19, Christine is offering Completion Lullabies for an investment of $333. (Note: If there is someone in ICU with COVID, do not allow price to be a barrier. Please order putting in any amount from $0 upward. This is Christine’s service to your family, our entire human family as what serves one serve the many.)

  1. Place your order below via PayPal/credit card.

  2. Send a note to Christine and she will respond ASAP (most likely within a few hours) to begin the process. 


Read answers to frequently asked questions here

A note about PayPal: If you do not have a PayPal account, you may pay by debit or credit card at the PayPal site (scroll down until you see the button).

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