Welcome to "i am word",

a new genre of meditative music. 


Note: Do not listen to this CD while driving or operating heavy equipment. Side effects may include a heightened sense of peace, more expansive perception, and an uplifted mood. 


Special Thanks for Production Support:

Larry Powers | Adele Capuano

Robert & Mary Heslin | Clint Housel

Kristine Kearns & Ann Walsh | Alicia Nemec

Patricia Hunt Perry

Katie Carlone | Mary Sise | Patricia Califano

Michelle Capuano | Rene Lechleiter | Diane E. Lykes

Michael Ryan | Margie Wood | Steve Buckbee

Steven Fox | Roxanne  | Erla Heyns

Mary Beth Hofmeister | Creston Laager

Betty McClurg | Betsy Osborn | Miriam Paska

Penny Perkins | Julie Heslin Pokat | Carla Sadoff Kathryn Sullivan | Dr. Steve  | John Daubney

Marija Grgurevic | Linda Hartke

Christine Hoyt | Sheila McGarey

Barbara Pavlic, SNJM  | Timy Seghers 


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