Christine shares a conversation with Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey that will soothe your heart. All is well! Listen in for:

  • Philosophers Camp and the power of community

  • Sound, healing as co-creation, and the human voice

  • How you can be energetically sustained

  • Being responsible for your own vibration

  • Arrogance and spiritual hubris... vulnerability and being lovable


"Rising from the Ashes with Resilience & Wisdom" on Marbeth Dunn's "Having it All Show" 

Learn what riches we find when life is stripped to its bare bones, how to learn how to receive, lessons in giving to others less fortunate, and why it’s important to choose another perspective.



"Stillness". Christine visits with Mark Alyn as they shared a heart-felt discussion about thriving after a catastrophic loss. In 2016, the possessions Christine and her family owned were burned. Get insights into how to step into a new freedom. 



Listen to a discussion with Christine and host Mark Alyn on "The Magid of Sound", sound healing, crystal bowls and the beauty of sound. Everything is energy - even us!



Host Terri Levine and Christine engage in dialogue about leading from your heart in life and in business, and the consequences when we are not true to ourselves. Witness Terri's unexpected transformation during this intimate interview. (Interview begins about 1o minutes in.)

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