Are Angelic Lullabies only for the sick and dying?

These lullabies are for those transitioning in a hospice, hospital, or home setting; they are appropriate for those seriously ill where the outcome is not certain; they are appropriate for anyone who has suffered a trauma or is enduring difficult times. 

How do the lullabies work?

  • Christine has a brief conversation with you about the situation. Be prepared with birth name, current name, birthdate, and a photo. 

  • You will receive a recording of a lullaby, usually 4-10 minutes in length, and an intuitive message in audio and written formats. 

  • Christine follows up with a conversation to support you in your unfolding experience. 

After ordered, how long is it until I receive the lullaby and message?

Generally, the Angelic Lullaby and intuitive message are in your hands electronically between 12 and 48 hours from the time of commission. 

How much can I pay, and are multiple payments possible?

In this time of COVID-19, Christine is making the Angelic Lullabies available within a range to support more people. On PayPal, type in the amount you choose from $160-$330. If you need to make multiple payments, reach out to our team, this is possible. 

Is there a way I can share this offline?

Yes, download and print this flyer about Completion Lullabies here

A note about PayPal: If you do not have a PayPal account, you may pay by debit or credit card at the PayPal site (scroll down until you see the button).

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