Christine is a visionary, cathedral of sound, and founder of the epic Philosophers Camp, an international organization that awakens and empowers fierce guardians of wonder and wisdom for our planet. Philosophers Camp is a rapidly growing community of revolutionary business and thought leaders that come together for adventure retreats, live and online workshops, and a year-round membership program.  

An expert at creating “micro-momentary community“ and eclectic, sublime experiences, she empowers others to inhabit their power and presence wider and deeper – naturally creating bigger and bigger ripples that uplift us all.


Christine is a world-class soprano and activator who embodies deep wisdom and grace. While she has a wide range across many fields, vocally, her range spans three-and-a-half octaves with the depth and roundness to command any performance space while balanced with a graceful shimmer in the higher registers. Christine joyfully plays with her vocal power in unique ways, offering her music for all with the intention of healing and opening hearts.

Christine has a gifted voice beyond singing -- she is a spiritual mentor; writes poetry and philosophical musings, and teaches on topics such as the power of nature to heal and guide us; authenticity and the power of our voice; the science and spirituality of sound. She serves as an energy healer (certified Reiki Master-Teacher and initiated into many other "frequencies"). 


Christine speaks on the case for nature, purpose and power, science and mysticism of sound, and thriving after catastrophic loss.


She is an energy healer, teacher, and intuitive, serving through her singing, attunements, workshops, retreats, and adventure camps. on one hand, a dynamic, classical soprano. She has a specialty of seeing the soul signature of organizations and its principles, understand how they interact and what is wishing to be created and expressed in the world. Christine is sought after for this insight. 

Equally comfortable in the front and the back of the room, Christine has been "front-and-center" since performing at the age of 7 when she was chosen to play Frosty the Snowman in her elementary school Christmas pageant. Early in life, she was dubbed "Sarah Bernhardt" for her vivacious and dramatic presence. Christine continued to have fun on stage and with her singing throughout her younger years and studied theater and voice at Northwestern University and the University of Notre Dame.


Bringing all of her gifts together, Christine specializes in creating eclectic, heart-opening, sublime experiences whether it is leading people deep in a forest or on stage singing opera for the masses. 

Christine is an "activator" for business and thought leaders, longing to know themselves deeper and step into the next level of their service on the planet. She is passionate about serving anyone seeking to know and live through their authentic, unique voice. We all have a contribution to make, and she supports each of us in fulfilling that promise.


Having been tested and formed through the fire of experience, Christine has deep wisdom to share about harmonizing life including radical detachment (the entire contents of her home and business burned to the ground in 2016); nurturing three children that span over a decade in ages; navigating the dynamics of a blended family; maintaining a vibrant marriage; serving others in the business world with expertise in marketing and communications; guiding spiritual journeyers; maintaining an energy healing practice; and offering her music and workshops as gifts of awakening to the world. 

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Adirondack Mountains, New York

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