Tend to the Garden of Your Soul

"Philosophers Camp is simply a spa for the soul. A beautiful way to connect with other high-powered people in a space to gain greater clarity on my mission in life. Christine Powers is a master at creating sacred and sublime experiences that accelerate transformation, widening and deepening our energetic capacity to impact our world."


~Teresa de Grosbois, Founder and Chair, Evolutionary Business Council, #1 International Bestselling author of Mass Influence.


The Philosophers Camp is the signature program founded by Christine Powers blending decades of creativity, passion, service, and expertise. It is a gentle, deep immersion in nature on 100 private acres in the Adirondack Mountains for those committed to making major contributions to uplift our world. Exploring the wilderness within and tending to the gardens of our souls is a necessity. 


Show up "as you are" and feel the support within an intimate group of carefully selected peers.


Rejuvenate, cross-pollinate, and return to the "front lines of humanity" having up-leveled every aspect of your life. 


There are five Philosophers Camps this year:

  • August 15-19
    The Philosophers Camp with Christine Powers and Barbara Wittmann

  • August 22-26 
    The Philosophers Camp with Christine Powers & Daniel Gutierrez 

  • September 6-8 
    Rest, Rejuvenate & Re-energize in the Adirondacks: A Glamping Extravaganza for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Professionals (use this link, not one below)

  • September 19-22 
    Graduate Philosophers & Founders Weekend (pre-requisite: The Philosophers Camp)

  • September 26-30
    The Philosophers Camp with Christine Powers and Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville


Adirondack Mountains, New York

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