Tend to the Garden of Your Soul

“Philosophers Camp is simply a spa for the soul. A beautiful way to connect with other high-powered people in a space to gain greater clarity on my mission in life. Christine Powers is a master at creating sacred and sublime experiences that accelerate transformation, widening and deepening our energetic capacity to impact our world.”


~Teresa de Grosbois, Founder and Chair, Evolutionary Business Council, #1 International Bestselling author of Mass Influence

A new kind of executive retreat! Due to the unfortunate cancellation of our 2020 retreats, we will be offering a unique opportunity in replacement! Come to the mountains and the woods of The Philosophers Camp and join us for an exclusive solo retreat! With the special opportunity for 1-1 time with Christine!

Coming Soon


Philosophers Camp, founded by Christine, blends decades of creativity, passion, service, and expertise into a unique set of programs and offerings. You will explore the wilderness within and tend to the gardens of your soul which is a necessity in our world today.

Signature programs include the Philosophers Camp Retreat and AMPLIFY,  a year-long "caravan" of "travelers".


Leaders and executives show up "as they are" and feel the support within an intimate group of carefully selected peers.


Rejuvenate, cross-pollinate, and return to the "frontiers of humanity's consciousness" having up-leveled every aspect of your life. 


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Adirondack Mountains, New York

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