Radiant Dawn VIP Day

Wake up every day feeling radiant and knowing all is well. Stop wasting so much energy managing your psyche and battling against the fear. There is no battle out there, only within you. 

Move through the forest of the wilderness within to find a wellspring of light, strength and live every day with zest and gratitude. 

  • Learn to melt the fear

  • Expand into a deeper truth: that everything is working perfectly, despite appearances.

  • Build the capacity to go deeper into your own wisdom beyond thought (SOPHIA) 

  • See how you are already built with everything you need within you to weather any storm. You are the blue sky. 

What you receive:

A 3-hour private VIP session where you will receive a new inner navigational system with concrete steps forward and two follow-up calls that empower and support your progress into more freedom. 

Your next move:

Book a 20-minute free consultation now to address one focused issue and explore where you are stuck and a best pathway ahead to the radiant dawn. 

Meet Christine

Christine Powers is a healer embodying deep resonance. Activating and opening hearts with her soul-voice. 
The truth is everything we need lies within ourselves, waiting to be remembered and rekindled. This is our life’s journey, with ultimate power and fulfillment coming to us when we live fully aligned with who we truly are in service to others.

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Adirondack Mountains, New York

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