Coming Soon! The Art of Giving & Receiving

January 17, 2020

Learn the secrets of the cycle of giving and receiving as the natural flow.... giving as being better is a myth! Most of us have been duped into short-circuiting the loop of the true cycle. Learn why giving receiving can only exist together... offered in San Antonio, Texas for the annual conference of the Evolutionary Business Council. Christine was proud to share the stage that day with Dr. Wini Curley, Valerie Rene Sheppard, and Stedman Graham. 

Paradox of Power: A Talk at national Public Speakers Conference

July 02, 2017

When we understand the power of WORD beyond spoken language and our power to communicate from a place of love or fear, we begin to understand out power to influence and impact anyone we come into contact with. Listen to tender lessons I have learned about vulnerability and humility, along with a gorgeous aria sung from the music in my soul to everyone at the conference. Video is on Facebook. 

Rising from the Ashes of My Life

June 21, 2017

Guest on the Midlife Retreat with Kay Newton


After horrific life experience, how do we not only get a fresh start but actually thrive off of the experience? 

Get Out of Your Own Way & Transform Your Life

June 08, 2017

Guest on Tonya Hoffman's Fabulous TV Show


Tune into this high-energy conversation and learn tips on becoming more authentic and adventurous with your life. Transform and create the life you truly desire. It's not what you think!

Uncovering Your Powerful Voice

December 21, 2015

Guest on Ande Lyons' Possibility Partners Show


Watch this powerful, joyful, and playful discussion about the power unleashed when we go within and a Winter Solstice Celebration. Tap into a deep meditation with Christine at 40 minutes in. 

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