The Power of Coaching in Community

 “Christine is a powerfully inspiring, deeply compassionate and spiritual leader who walks in integrity and purpose in all aspects of her life. Her wisdom and superior communication and listening skills contribute to her keen ability to tune into exactly what needs to be addressed in order for you to move forward into a higher vibration. It is my honor to recommend her as a truly gifted guide.”


~Liberty Forrest, award-winning author and inspirational speaker 



A 3-month intensive online mentoring program.

Lead your life, don't let life lead you. 


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While many choose to work with Christine 1-1, for some a group dynamic is ultra-powerful and suits their financial lifestyle. Christine is delighted to offer an intensive, 3-month program for small groups that includes live coaching. 


Isn't it time to remember who you really are? Unleash the adventure that is your own life! 

Month 1 - Authenticity: Get real with yourself

Understand why you are so stressed, anxious, fatigued and depressed. Explore why you are still in unhealthy relationships, why you are not doing the work you love, and why you never slow down. Accept yourself for not nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

Month 2 - Alignment: Get clear about illusion & end the self-betrayal

Invite emotion and vulnerability into your life. Discover the stillness and strength within and begin to become quiet. Bring back the laughter, freedom, and creativity you covered over. Explore what your soul is calling you to be and do, and learn how to recognize and savor the large and small victories. 

Month 3 - Revelation: Step out of illusion & reveal your magnificence

Begin to gift the world with your unique voice and presence and know why that is so important. Live every day with joy, wonder, and adventure. Master the lower energies that take you away from yourself. Experience peace, self-acceptance, and expansion. Gain confidence to take action in consciously creating your authentic life.

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Adirondack Mountains, New York

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