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Awakener. Activator. Amplifier.

Christine is a sage, spiritual consigliere, and activator for those on a contemplative path and business and thought leaders longing to know themselves deeper and step into the next game of their service and fulfillment. She is passionate about serving anyone seeking to know and live from a place of pure essence melding with their authentic, unique voice. 

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Awakener. Activator. Amplifier.

Since the age of 7, Christine has been creating sublime, eclectic experiences that open hearts, crack walls, and transform beingness. It is her superpower and essence as a Sage, Artist and King. Awakening and guiding people through the natural lifecycles of life, death, and rebirth is her DNA, who she literally is. 

She awakens, activates, and amplifies leaders who are in service to the upliftment of humanity. Those longing for adventure, to know themselves better, and truly understand the unique gift they are for the world.


We all made a promise to fulfill when we came here, and she supports your transformation so that you can fulfill that promise.


From the alchemy and deep holding presence of Asa Adirondack, a boutique 100-acre mountain retreat, together you will effortlessly create bigger and bigger ripples of goodness and "godness" across the globe.  

Beyond her expertise in the business world, she is a visionary, cathedral of sound and an elder embodied with wonder and wisdom. She is for the courageous; together, you create new paradigms. Not just shifts, not just results. 

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Get up, get up, get up!

Christine is a world-class soprano. Her range spans three-and-a-half octaves with the depth and roundness to command any performance space while balanced with a graceful shimmer in the higher registers. She joyfully plays with her vocal power in unique ways; over 250,000 people have been exposed to her music, which is infused with the intention of healing and opening hearts.


This is Dragon Song. ​

She has always been "front-and-center," first chosen to play Frosty the Snowman in 2nd grade in her elementary school Christmas pageant. Affectionately dubbed "Sarah Bernhardt," she appropriately studied theater and voice at Northwestern University and the University of Notre Dame.

She has been formed and re-formed into a being of resilience, wonder, and wisdom through the fire of experience.  Christine experienced a serious and rare illness after a pilgrimage to Kashi (Varanasi), India, that taught her how to truly receive, with the bonus of reshaping her consciousness and priorities. She was given the grace of radical detachment, experiencing the unending horizon of pure potentiality, when all her family owned burned to the ground in a catastrophic fire in 2016. She has nurtured, shepherded, and launched three children, navigating the dynamics of a blended family and maintaining a vibrant (second) marriage. 

This is fireweed—the first flower to blossom after fire—resilient beauty from the ashes.

ABOUT: About Me
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