Christine is a dynamic, classical soprano, teacher, and spiritual luminary. She has a wide range in many fields; vocally, her range spans three-and-a-half octaves with the depth and roundness to command any performance space while balanced with a graceful shimmer in the higher registers. Christine joyfully plays with her vocal power, offering her music for all with the intentions of healing and opening hearts.


Christine has a gifted voice beyond singing -- she is a spiritual mentor; writes poetry and philosophical musings; and teaches on topics such as the power and spirituality of sound, sound healing from the inside out, sound journeys, the principles of energy as well as forgiveness, healing, spiritual volunteerism, abundance, relationships, and the spiritual path. She is an ordained minister and serves as an energy healer (certified Reiki Master).


Musical offerings range from the unexpected to the expected, with the unifying criteria that all music she shares with the world touches Christine's heart. She specializes in creating electic and uplifting concert experiences. 


Performing since the age of 7 when she was chosen to play Frosty the Snowman in her elementary school Christmas pageant, she was dubbed "Sarah Bernhardt" for her vivacious and dramatic presence, even at a young age. Christaria continued to have fun on stage and with her singing throughout her younger years and studied theatre and voice at the University of Notre Dame. 


Christine is a powerful activator for those longing to know themselves better and step into their authentic, unique voice. We all have a contribution to make, and she supports each of us in keeping and fulfilling that promise. Christine has deep wisdom to share from harmonizing her life including: nurturing three children that span over a decade in ages; navigating the dynamics of a blended family; maintaining a vibrant marriage; serving others in the business world with expertise in marketing and communications; guiding and serving spiritual journeyers; maintaining an energy healing practice; and offering her music and workshops as gifts of awakening to the world. 


From crystal bowls and meditative singing to Rachmaninoff and Puccini, Jewish nigguns to Broadway melodies, ancient Italian folk songs to modern Bernstein, there is a wide range of repertoire that Christine offers with her own interpretations and artistry.

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Adirondack Mountains, New York

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