Fierce, Free, Fulfilled: Come Play

I offer eclectic, one-of-a-kind experiences for individuals and organizations. With me, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart. Transformation and transcendence naturally happen. Move past obstacles. Uncover and remember the unique gift you are and go beyond anywhere you have ever been in fulfillment and contribution to the world. There is alchemy melded from the energetic signatures of your soul, accumulated experiences, and your personality that clearly illuminates the path ahead... and most often, my clients completely shift whom they know themselves to be.


Contact me to see which experience can assist you the most in expressing the true essence of who you are. 

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THE PHILOSOPHERS CAMP: Tending to the Garden of Your Soul

Rejuvenate and restore.
Come to "Home Tree."

In 1858 in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, 10 influential transcendentalists - some of the best minds of their time, brilliant philosophers, theologians, artists, diplomats, and scientists including Ralph Waldo Emerson - went into the wild for the month of August. 


They cross-pollinated ideas, shared fellowship, and rejuvenated their bodies, minds, and spirits in harmony with their awesome surroundings. 


Today's Philosophers Camp, resurrected and reimagined in 2018, explores the wilderness within you and around you. It is a five-day immersion to receive and be nurtured deeply. For anyone who gives transformation, this is a powerful experience for your transformation. For you, tending to the gardens of your soul is a necessity, not a luxury. 


Here, we "amplify the amplifiers." Leaders and executives show up "as they are" and feel the support within an intimate, confidential group of thoughtfully selected peers.


Come to rejuvenate, see and be seen, share ideas, expand into joy remembering yourself, experience life unedited, anchor deeper into the wisdom (Sophia) you are, and return to the "frontiers of humanity" having up-leveled every aspect of your life.

SOLO EXECUTIVE RETREAT: Diving into the Heart of You

The mountains are calling... what are you waiting for? (Besides yourself)

This is a one-of-a-kind executive retreat with Christine where there is nowhere to hide, and everywhere to explore. Remember and rekindle the magnificence of who you are. 

With Christine's expert guidance and creation of a sublime context, you will meet yourself as you never have before. Walk the forest, peer across mountain vistas, fall asleep to the bubbling of Kibby Creek. Slip out for a star bath and glimpse the wonder of the Milky Way...

And see who begins to peer back at you. Then, we begin. 

Ultimate power and fulfillment come to us when we live fully aligned with who we truly are in service to others.