It’s all about you. And tribes and vibes. And playing. And Serving. We are in unprecedented times; the beginning-time of COVID and the re-weaving of humanity. Because in the end, it’s all a game and all there is, is love. 

We didn’t come here to live neat, little lives. Or spend our prime in a 5x5 cubicle. Or be curled up frightened to live at all. We came to live life fully, and get messy, and skin our knees, and cry and laugh, and burst with the sheer joy of experiencing the highs and lows of being human. We are divine, and that looks like 7 billion facets of a diamond that knows no end.


Many of us are hungry for “more” — more peace, prosperity, purpose, sensation, safety — more of something we cannot identify. We seek these things through activity, acquisition, and achievement, but end up with persistent strife and stress.


The truth is everything we need lies within ourselves, waiting to be remembered and rekindled. This is our life’s journey, with ultimate power and fulfillment coming to us when we live fully aligned with who we truly are in service to others.


Join me in shedding the suit, dropping the bull, refusing to play by anyone else’s rules – especially your own. You are a unique expression of the light that dwells within us all. Uncover what makes YOU, you!

The greatest blessing you can give the world is the self-permission

to be who you truly are.

Thanks for stopping by. Now, how do you wish to play?

Christine Powers is founder of the Philosophers Camp and fierce guardian of wonder and wisdom. She is a healer and Death Doula, embodying deep resonance with the fullness of life. Activating and opening hearts with her soul-voice as a classical and operatic soprano, enlightening speaker, writer, spiritual teacher, and creator of rejuvenation retreats and workshops.

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Adirondack Mountains, New York

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