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Coronavirus: 9 Steps to Move from Fear to Being Peaceful, Pragmatic and Prepared

( Author's Note: Stay in touch! Join our global community and get notice of a free, online webinar series I will be offering in March that dives into 9 Steps. There is no fee for this series as it is essential we come together as best we can and this is how I shine my light in service to you.)

Being in control of our lives and asserting we know what is coming next is an illusion. And the vast majority of us live within this illusion.

If the spiritual concept of being comfortable living in the “unknown" is new to your psyche, acceptance of what is unfolding related to COVID-19 may be a hard place for you to be. Or, if you have a propensity to dive into drama and fear, this may also make what is unfolding a hard place to be.

Wall of TV screens

There is an overload of information coming at us right now. How do we discern what we actually need to know, and then what to do, if anything?

What we are seeing on the cable news channels is sensationalized, and on social media, the trend of most posts is to drive fear, not understanding.

From my years at the American Red Cross, I saw disasters from fires, freezes, and floods, that taught me that the mental, emotional, and spiritual components related to disaster are so important, and so overlooked. Navigating the anxiety and worry around disasters needs more support in those realms.


By the end of reading this, you will:

  • Learn how to move out of the group-think of worry and get simple tools to re-center and bring calm to your system

  • Receive resources for preparing for the unknown of the COVID-19 situation thoughtfully and thoroughly

  • Understand why a holistic approach is the best way for each of us to move forward

  • Get the tools to move you from fear and paralysis into a state of peace by being pragmatic and prepared


What You Need to Know Now

  • It turns out that the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) may be a “thing” after all.

  • After watching it globally for a few months, it does not appear to be slowing.

  • It does not appear to be a massive killer; it does appear to be a massive disruptor.


How do we bring ourselves personal peace?

Short answer? We prepare and do all we can, then live fearlessly with gratitude every day.

There is a poignant sweetness that arises when our daily lives appear to be in jeopardy; we suddenly see the preciousness of all that we have, all whom we love, and all the living we still wish to do. This is a great gift, lacing the lining of this COVID-19 virus.

Being pragmatic means taking a practical approach and not reacting from a place of panic (like buying 100 rolls of toilet paper, dozens of face masks, and an entire case of bleach). It means:

  • reining in our thoughts,

  • moving beyond fear (which dulls our capacity to think clearly),

  • and responding from a thoughtful place of inventorying what you need for a two-to-four week span and marshaling resources or asking for help so you can make that happen.

When we feel prepared, we relax. On many levels.

Here is an example: How many of us have had that classic nightmare of waking up sweating in sheer terror simply by dreaming about having to go sit for a school exam that we were not prepared for? Being prepared from a holistic systems perspective is what will bring us peace as we journey onward.

I am not suggesting we hide in a false sense of security, what I am saying is that we rest in the knowingness that we have done our best with what we know to do.

All of this requires taking concrete steps beyond physical preparations of supplies and constant hand washing. Utilizing a set of preparations and ongoing tools that encompass body, mind, and spirit can play a crucial role in our overall well-being. At our Philosophers Camps immersion retreats in the Adirondack Mountains, campers “tend to the gardens of their souls”, really the same as what I am sharing here.

Our extended family has had an open discussion about COVID-19 and potential impacts. We come from varying life views; we have debated what is “real”, what is “hype” and what we simply do not know. Surprisingly, we are all on the same page. We are researching, listening, doing what we know to do, and bringing a mindset that is practical, not panicked. (Panic wastes energy on all levels and usually a lot of money. And, it is contagious.)

Just as importantly, part of our response is also that we are choosing to live our lives and not alter plans (until asked to do so by health authorities), while being fluid with the coming of each new day.

As a highly trained operative in crisis PR as a former member of the American Red Cross national Disaster Public Affairs Team; coming home from a trip to India in 2018 with one of the global-threat super-bugs (E-coli ESBL) and surviving it (and now thriving); to empowering transformational leaders and shepherding those awakening in the spiritual realms; I come to you at this moment from a tapestry of experience that gives me a unique perspective and wisdom to offer.


In the weeks and months ahead, we may be tested. And COVID-19 may pass like a brief storm. Household, community, regional, and larger structures may fray, some may break. Who we choose to be, and how we show up, can add to the health of the world, or diminish the light and add to the chaos. Each of us is a light—ignite yours and bring it wherever you go.

The following are my thoughts coupled with research compiled from several resources. My intent is to assist you in creating your unique set of optimal conditions for thriving as we ride into the unknown together.

Crises always contain within them opportunities for significant gifts, albeit in very strange wrapping paper. It is the nature of the game we are playing here on Earth.


The 9 Steps

1) Managing the Mind & Spirit

Everything is energy. Stress we harbor permeates externally further than we may realize. If you are anxious, to support you in maintaining a positive, healthy set of thoughts, try the following:

Daily periods of stillness/guided meditation. Experiment with 5-minute segments several times a day or one sitting of 20 minutes early in the day. Regardless of COVID-19, life in our complex, accelerating times already marinates us in powerful stressors, and many in my global community are finding that shorter periods of “taking time out” multiple times a day is more helpful in maintaining a steady state of mind. If the thought of “stillness” terrifies you (I get it), tap into apps like Insight Timer, Breethe, or Loving Meditations and listen to a guided experience. You can get access to great tools for free. As a gift to you, I invite you to listen to a popular meditation I created “Calm in the Stormfor times just like these.

Limit your intake of news and boost your intake of positive messaging.

While it is important to stay informed, it is also important to keep things in perspective, and an abundance of “news hovering” can tip our internal scales toward fear, contraction, and panic.

  • Turn off news alerts on your devices. Consciously choose when you wish to go and retrieve information. This simple shift can alleviate the sense of bombardment as every little tick of evolution is being broadcasted by most media outlets.

  • Read or listen to the news in the morning and early evening, and not around bedtime. By reading and listening only, we lessen the impact on our nervous system as opposed to the more visceral experience of video, graphics, and sound through TV.

  • After beginning your day with meditation/stillness, take 15 minutes to tap into something positive and uplifting whether a book or audiobook, favorite music, etc. One of my favorites is “Moving Art” by Louie Schwartzberg on Netflix; 20-30 minutes of exquisite drone footage of beautiful places around the world coupled with music that sends your heart soaring.

2) Homeopathics, Oils & Supplements

(Sections 2 & 3 are adapted from Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND(hc), DD. In all instances, check with your personal physician about any supplements and remedies; this is not medical advice and I am not qualified to dispense it.)

In addition to allopathic and traditional Western tools, homepathics, naturopathics, essential oils, and supplements from Eastern and ancient traditions can play key roles in maintaining and boosting our health and well-being.

From Dr. Cousens about COVID-19: “In my background as a former lieutenant commander in the Public Health Service, in this situation, I have the option to wait until all necessary proof is in before making a statement, or I can give my informed medical public health opinion based on 47 years of experience. I’ve made the choice that if I’m wrong, the worst that happens is people get healthier. If I’m right, this protocol can save many lives. There are other agencies, including government agencies, and people who I believe are taking similar positions. Our best defense against this is to care for ourselves preventably the best we can. This is why I’ve created this prevention and treatment protocol for optimal protection and treatment. Since it is highly likely we will all be exposed, this protocol is the key to dealing with this.”

Here is a redacted version of his protocol:

When flying or traveling, here are two essential oil blends:

  • Immortal Immune - Put on the tops of feet before bed and upon waking.

  • Germs-Be-Gone - Spray on surfaces such as airplane seats and tables.

  • My notes: Scoop up (60% alcohol or higher) hand sanitizer gel or wipes and use generously on the entire area around you, keeping in mind that it takes 15-20 seconds for the alcohol to do its work in breaking down viruses and germs.

  • My tip: If you cannot find hand sanitizer, make your own using a recipe of 2/3 isopropyl rubbing alcohol and 1/3 aloe vera gel.

  • My notes: In our household, we use Young Living Oils which is famous for its Thieves Blend which would be similar to Germs-Be-Gone above and the list below.

Essential Oils that were key for prevention and healing during the bubonic plague are:

  • Eucalyptus

  • Clove

  • Grapefruit

  • Cinnamon

  • Tea tree

  • Lemongrass

  • Frankincense

Add these into your overall prevention system. The key concept is prevention. Rub on top of feet, wrists, and chest.


  • Bryonia

  • Gelsemium

  • Eupatorium

  • Influenzinum 200c to 1m

Top Three Antiviral Supplements:


  • Mega Defense (Dr. Cousen’s store)

  • Licorice root as tea or tincture

  • Vitamin D - 2,000 IU daily (immunity)

  • Vitamin A - 25,000 IU daily (upper respiratory membranes and lining)

  • Vitamin C - immunity

3) Medicinal Herbs & Foods

(This section continues information from Dr. Cousens)

The virus enters the cell via a vesicle called an endosome. Once inside, it releases its RNA into the cell cytoplasm and hijacks the cell machinery to produce more viral proteins and thus virus. It also releases an enzyme called 3CL (3-chymotrypsin-like protease). This enzyme attacks the cells’ defense mechanism against the coronavirus inhibitors.

The following herbs and foods remedies destroy the 3CL enzyme and protect the cell’s ability to protect itself against the coronavirus. The best for destroying the 3CL enzyme is quercetin and epigallocatechin gallate, which is found in:

  • Green tea

  • Green tea extract

Anti-3CL substances are also found in:

  • Flax seed

  • Citrus peel

  • Tick berry leaves

  • Orange peel

  • Oregano

  • Garlic

  • Ginger

  • Elderberry

  • Turmeric

4) Stock up: Part of any disaster preparedness plan

As a former Red Cross Communications Director, I know first-hand the power of being prepared. I cannot stress enough the peace of mind that comes from creating a plan and fulfilling it.

  • In general, a 3-day backpack from Red Cross for each family member is essential, and COVID-19 calls for additional preparations. Red Cross has excellent preparedness products across a wide range.

  • Here is a preparedness list I found particularly thorough.

  • Have a family plan that includes contact information of family members, community, health authorities, and hotlines.

5) Rest, sleep, exercise... nurture YOU

Adequate rest is important in supporting mental stability, mood, and immunity.

  • Build in 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and even better, stick to a routine bedtime.

  • If you feel sick, do not go to work. That is hard for some of us, but essential to trust it will all be okay (see below). Stay home and isolate from any household members.

  • Eating whole, nutritious foods that are as minimally processed as possible bolsters our health and, again, our immunity. Simple rule: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables the encompass the colors of the rainbow.

  • Take the time to get outdoors each day, even if just to feel the sunshine on your face or feel the breeze.

6) Be in Community, Lean on Community

“Social distancing” should be physical only. If gatherings of all sizes become difficult or you find yourself in quarantine, thanks to tools like Skype, Zoom, Facebook, we can still gather in groups for free as long as we have a phone or Internet connection. Regularly check in on family, friends, colleagues—virtually if necessary. It will bolster you too. Focus on the gratitude of being able to be together. Community during times of stress is essential for our well-being.

7) Find Gratitude, Find Wonder, Find Nature

An instant way to improve your state of mind and well-being is by creating a state of gratitude. My husband wakes up every morning and proclaims out loud, “Baby! I am blessed! I got another day!” And he means it.

There are times when gratitude seems like a destination we cannot reach, so here are a few tricks to get there.

  • Focus on the tiniest of things and let the feeling grow.... like, “I am grateful that I am breathing.” “I am grateful the sun is out today.” “I am grateful we have food, shelter, and a warm bed.”

  • Another gateway into gratitude is wonder. Through a small shift of mental perception, almost anything can bring a sense of wonder: a lady bug, birds at a feeder, cats at play, the smell of fresh-baked bread. Let your imagine take in your surroundings and simply see what you notice.

  • Nature is wonder. Wherever you are, seek to commune for a few minutes (or a lot more) each day (see Number 5) with something as simple as a flower in a vase, a plant, a garden, all the way to a hike or walk in the woods. The natural world oozes with life force and vitality and feeds us on so many levels beyond providing oxygen.

Focus on anything, no matter how small. The mental returns are invaluable for you and those around you.

8) Seek Support and Surrender

It serves no one to hide your fears and try to manage things by yourself if you feel overwhelmed or scared to the point that your actions or mind are paralyzed. Reach out to a friend, counselor, pastor or minister, online group... don’t go it alone. (See Number 5.)

What do I mean by surrender? For me, it means surrendering my ego knowing-it-all to a “Divine Plan” beyond my understanding, and yet it is not beyond my deep wisdom. It means being in gratitude and intending a life that is healthy, whole, joyful... It means trusting that “all is well” even if I have to pull my point of view from a place of contraction to a new place that may look like a really large expanse of time (millennia) or distance from my life (the 30,000-mile view). It is a powerful paradigm shift of perspective that brings great peace.

Surrender also means that I acknowledge I am part of a greater Universe and that I simply cannot know the “big picture”, so when I get anxious or scared or frustrated, I continually lift myself back onto the proverbial horse. When “bad things happen” (which is another illusion), I dust off my knees, I get back up, and I find gratitude, I find joy, I find my alignment of spirit. If you struggle to do this, find someone or a group who can support you in this.

9) Be Your Light. The Best of Who You Are.

If you know how to maintain a positive, powerful state of mind, be that light for others. Reach out and share it.

Each of us has unique gifts; we shine in our own ways. Share your wisdom, your laughter, your knowledge, whatever is the essential “YOU”. One way I am a Light is by sharing this set of thoughts and tools with you. Find YOUR share. Do it. Be it.


Many blessings to each of you, all of us. Stay in touch. I will continue to offer upliftment as a planetary guardian of wonder and wisdom, and it is my honor to be connected with you at this moment.

Go prepare, then live fearlessly and with gratitude every day. Use these tools often.

Relish in the gifts we receive everyday by simply being here.

All is well, even when all the evidence says otherwise.

Join our global community and get notice of a free, online webinar series I will be offering that dives into 9 Steps.

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