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All This

This poem was written shortly after the tsunami that devestated Japan in March, 2011. Almost 16,000 lives were lost.

My heart was shattered upon the wave of death that crested without intention, ensconced in innocence,

yet crashing nevertheless on thousands

of beating hearts, and hopeful lives. Stilled.

Stuck and strewn, I became helpless against the tide of my own sorrow swelling in response as I determined to witness their passage, their flight. 

Leaded nights blended into duller days. Adrenalin weeped through me even as shut further down into my self. Safety upon this earth suddenly seemed elusive, merely a possibility, no longer a certainty. 

Surely, this is a dream. A walking-talking, nightmare. 

Part Two

I fly. Free in the gentle sky that holds me as I soar. An Other consciousness beckons and I heed the call.

Peering down with seeing and feeling, I observe the dense mossy green, descending with ease toward my earthly destination. 

Surrounded by velvety, very-much-alive pines, rocks and trees I spy a clearing set just for me. Hesitation joins me as I navigate entry, a wobbly vibration, panic rises. I touch holding ground. 

The Other shows me what I cannot remember for my self. With careful selection, she unshrouds my soul so I see what I need to see. 

“You are being splayed and flayed upon the Rock of Life.”

Only upon return to the outside-the-dream dream reality does it feel grotesque and harsh. Within the inside-the-dream dream reality I understand. Completely.

Peace and knowing flow through my body-spirit ebbing and surging with the breath of this life that I have chosen to live. 

I pick up my own broken pieces, tenderly placing them back in my beating chest. I tilt a longing gaze heaven-ward toward luminous stars simply shining their light that is.

Turning toward the deep forest, I walk onward and inward, knowing I agreed to All This.

Part Three

I awaken.


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