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An “Achilles heel” heals

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Five years ago, I ripped my #Achilles tendon three places in the muscle belly while at a business conference. Both my Achilles have massive scar tissue from a long recreational career in tennis. And, thus ended my love affair with tennis & running (Ok, not so much running).

I was wounded emotionally too and turned away from #tennis in all ways. Recently, I wrote about my 17-yr-old who is off to Marist College and Dublin, Ireland this fall. He loves tennis and begged me for years to assist his team at school. Selfishly, I told myself (and him) I could not because I was too busy in my business. I did not want the pain of not being able to be on the court. I had captained 4 teams and played at a high level, even traveling the East Coast as we won tournaments. I am sad to admit I even avoided his matches.

This year, I said yes. I now #volunteer as Assistant Tennis Coach. I watch the kids from 7th-12th grade all hitting with a sweet bitterness. I can show them motions and proper strokes; I have rebuilt serves already; I tell them about “no man's land” and “poaching" and “switch” and court etiquette and kick-ass strategies for doubles and singles. And I am under a surgeon's order to NOT get on the court and hit. It still hurts. But, the satisfaction of watching these kids blossom - physically, mentally, and skills-wise, outweighs that pain. Somehow, I have found 20+ hours a week to give to them. I am reminded of the meaning of “seva” - true selfless #giving. Yet, I am getting a return of happiness and satisfaction.

The #transition from being the center of the court to the sidelines has been hard.

Admitting my body is slowing, my pace, my vigor... into the Elder I slide, with more #grace than I had a few years ago. At heart, I AM a #sage, #guide, and #teacher. I get great #happiness in watching others come into themselves and shine. At all ages. And, so it is.


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