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Turbulent World: Moving Beyond Words into Action

In a Turbulent World: Move beyond words -> Action

I wish I had better words, but I know at this point words are hollow and action is the only way forward. Hand-in-hand. Arm-in-arm. Shoulder-to-shoulder.

It is quite something that COVID-19 has faded so profoundly into the background in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. There is deep unearthing of imbalances coming forth in addition to COVID (which is an organic earth-balancing action). Now, we have humanity-balancing action in our faces. And COVID is still here, underneath the tapestry, spreading even now.

People giving high fives
Together we are united. Together we rise.

The urgency of tearing and re-sewing our American fabric into a new tapestry is paramount. To not be present to the pain of our brothers and sisters in America who are African-American (and the work I must do to look in the mirror of complacency) is not only tone-deaf but at this point, unconscionable. The landscape is shifting so fast, and if we keep leaning into love and courage, we will find a way.

Inspired by Thomas Friedman's New York Times op-ed today, I made a donation to a non-profit in his old neighborhood in Minneapolis, Northside Achievement Zone. It's a start. Black lives matter; we all matter.

Join me in taking action, any action. And here is another action I took and offer to you as a tool for building your presence and anchoring it.

Powerful Meditation Tool: Anchor Your Presence

How do we navigate and walk through these turbulent times? Whether is is walking the streets in protest, writing to our governmental leaders, being the best parent we can be, having those hard and courageous conversations, caring for our health and wondering about if we will be next, wondering about our economy, wondering about our environment... the list is endless. First, we do so together in community; thank you for being part of this one. Second, we do the work of centering, clearing and being at our best (which is laughable some days). And THEN we go forth. Here is a gifted tool to aid you in being your best. From a live meditation I offered for my Philosophers Camp graduates a few weeks ago, I created a deep-work, 31-minute meditation that:

  • lifts your vibration,

  • brings calm and peace, and

  • amplifies and anchors your strength and steadfastness.

The best time to listen is early in your day. Please do NOT listen while driving or taking a walk, it is very potent. Learn more.

Praise from one Philosopher Camp grad: “You need to record and sell this stuff...amazingly grounding and deep...the visuals and depth are stunning...” Please share your thoughts and experience below and share with others! Just send people to

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